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A Course in Miracles Discussion Group is on vacation.  Anyone interested in A Course in Miracles, please contact Marguerite Cuquet:, for updates on the status or to make suggestions about restarting the meetings.


  1. Rhonda Mullis

    I love to study A Course in Miracles! If a study group starts I would be very interested in participating as much as possible; however, since I live in Vidalia, I might not be able to come on a real regular basis. But I am very interested. I have studied it on my own quite a bit. Thank you!
    Rhonda Mullis
    422 Charles Dr.
    Vidalia, GA 30474

  2. I’ve studied ACIM in study groups, and facilitated groups since the early 90’s, & have moved to Savannah for 6 months (maybe longer) & interested in fellowship with others that are committed to the Course’s path of Awakening through Holy Relationships. I’m a teacher / practitioner of Peaceful/Defenseless driving as well, and apply the Course principles of defenselessness, and “seeing things differently,” to uplift the driving ritual into a spiritual practice. I want to begin a “Peaceful/Aware Driving” club, and begin giving talks, and seminars in the Savannah area. Am also open to group classes, that are practical, and down to earth. My number is: 501-932-4092

  3. Let’s have a Course in Miracles group meeting during the summer, and I’m willing to facilitate it…with some practical exercises using drumming & peaceful driving approaches. My number is; (501) 932-4092

  4. Donna Wiesenhahn

    i am new to Savannah…as of Monday, april4th. A Course in Miracles is very important to me. Leaving the Lexington group is a sorrow! I’m most interested in joining a study group.

  5. I’ve been student since 1997. Moved to Snah from NO 2005 (Katrina). Would be interested in joining– or forming– a study group.. Look forward to hearing from any/all w/ similar interest.

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