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Ann Reeves – Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal-Singing-bowlAnn Reeves will be offering a workshop for those interested in learning more about the Crystal Singing Bowls. Ann’s workshop will resonate with your truth and raise your “Knowing” to a new level of awareness. She will provide information on sound vibration and its effect on physical and energetic bodies. The relationship between the chakra energy centers and life lessons will be discussed. The personal use of Crystal Singing Bowls for meditation, for making sacred space, and for structuring water will also be discussed. You will learn how to play your crystal singing bowl.

Friday Apr. 23rd 7-9PM Chakras and Life Lessons Workshop (a general introduction to crystal singing bowls and harmonic health)
Sat. Apr 24th 2-4PM Soul Zipper Workshop (targeted for those on the spiritual path and looking for deeper growth opportunities)
Sat. Apr. 24th 7-9PM Sacred Sound of Unconditional Love Concert

  • In advance each workshop is $45 and the concert is $25.
  • Also in advance for multiple events: either workshop and the concert is $60 or get all 3 for $100.
  • At the door the ticket prices are $50 for either workshop and $30 for the concert.

Please click here for further information about these events.  Flyer Savannah Ga Crystal Singing Bowls 2010


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