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April 14 Special Guest and Evening Concert

Karl AnthonyKarl Anthony is our guest on April 14, doing music and message. He is also doing a Mantra Concert that evening at 5:30

Mantra is an acoustic kirtan concert led by Karl Anthony. At Mantra you are surrounded by a spectacular atmosphere of warm gently moving Laser Lights. You are welcome to join in the chanting or just relax in the special healing vibration of the Mantra experience.

Mantra is like yoga for the mind. It is designed to give your mind a simple release and awaken the overlooked places in your heart. The rhythm of acoustic kirtan music at Mantra goes deep into our consciousness. Our intellect can only go so far, Mantra is a pathway to experience pure joy and the sweetness of life.

Mantra is a chanting concert experience led by Karl Anthony and set in an atmosphere of soothing and dramatic laser visuals. You are surrounded in light and welcome to participate or just let go and relax in the healing vibration of Mantra.

Chanting can awaken the overlooked places in your heart, it’s like yoga for the mind which goes deep into our consciousness and finds a pathway to pure joy and the sweetness of life.

Karl Anthony writes songs and chants which combine sanskrit, english and other languages. His acoustic kirtan music style is a fusion of western and eastern influences.

Music and Light are powerful healers and can nourish you deep within every cell of your being. Explore the beauty of being showered in light and allow the music to absorb into the essence of who you are…..becoming.


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