Center for Spiritual Awakening

Class – Mastering the Christos

MASTERING THE CHRISTOS – Tuesday evenings at 6pm, during September

The 12 Attitudes and Responsibilities of Mastering being in alignment with the Eternal Mind of God for living in the NOW.

These principles come from a very ancient body of text that was taught in pre-ancient ascension schools by the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order.

The Inner Christos is another word for living God-Spirit alive within all things or the Blueprint to which all life was created on in manifest expression. These teachings can enable you to break the victim-victimizer game that is being played over and over again in our lives.

These teachings embody many Unity principles, Abraham-Hicks, and Eckhart Tolle philosophy all in one powerful package.

Since embodying these teachings, my life has expanded greatly. I have traveled across the Ocean working to help heal mother Earth. I am a facilitator Healing of others and a teacher of the Christos. I am continually growing and evolving into deeper levels of awareness of the richness and fullness of life here on this wonderful planet Earth.

Please join me, for the month of September in learning deeper levels of what it means to embody The One Spirit.

Every Tuesday evening at 6pm starting September 1st in the Unity of Savannah Sanctuary – facilitated by Katie Brackeen.


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