Center for Spiritual Awakening

Unveiling Your Hidden Power

This class is based on the writings of Emma Curtis Hopkins, a founder of the New Thought movement who was known as the Teacher of Teachers. Rev. Dale is presenting Beloved Emma’s 12 lessons In consciousness in two 8-week sessions, each session covering 6 lessons.

Our first session begins with an introduction to the teaching on February 15, followed by the study of one lesson each Thursday with a break (no class) on April 5. Each student will give a presentation based on their understanding of the material at the final class of the first session on April 12. The second session begins on April 26 and follows a similar format.

A love offering is received during each class.

The book Unveiling Your Hidden Power by Dr. Ruth Miller is available in our bookstore. This is from the preface:

There are 12 conditions of human life that may be met with 12 truths, to be found in all religions, around the world. These 12 conditions having been met by Truth, you may be sure that your life will be free, glad, and powerful. The first six lessons describe the beautiful powers of your mind affecting your own experience and judgment. The last six relate to your surroundings. Let the mind go step-by-step: one lesson seems to be all, then the next takes you to another level of realization, then the next – till the 12 gates of understanding are opened.