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Healing Gongs with Richard Hite

If all you had to do to improve sleep, ease pain, and reduce stress was to listen – would you??

Richard Hite is our guest on Sunday evening, March 6th for a full two hour experience at 7PM He will also give a brief demonstration during both services (9:15am and 11:00am) Be transported with this profound musical experience as you are enveloped by the deeply relaxing and healing music performed with polyphonic gongs, horns, shells and bells.

The program will be offered on a donation basis.  All are welcome.  Suggested donation $20

For more information please call:  912-355-4704

Richard Hite has played these instruments for more than 20years.  Beginning in 1987 Richard began a 12 year study of the healing and consciousness transforming power of the music he played with polyphonic gongs in Texas hospitals and clinics.

From this work he has been able to create a new genre of music that is as healing as it is entertaining.  biofeedback studies have shown that this music has positive benefits for people suffering from stress, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, cancer, cardiopulmonary illness, hypertension, major depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

Participants may choose to bring pillows, padding, air mattresses, outdoor reclining chairs, etc., for more comfort to experience deeper relaxation.


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