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Unity Savannah Newsletter
September and October 2009
A Good Time of Year
to Discover New Blessings!

Fall is just around the corner. The days are beginning to get shorter, the weather a little cooler, vacations are over and schools are back in session. It is a wonderful time of anticipation of upcoming holidays, autumn colors and activities that were put on hold during the heat of summer.

Whatever time of year it is, take time to enjoy the wonder and benefits of the moment. Every new season is the opportunity to begin anew. It is a time to try new hobbies, spend more time outdoors enjoying nature changing her colors, and to notice the small changes in the natural world around us.

If you want to have a life that is more joyful, more peaceful, more grateful, spend time looking for the blessings in the new season. It is amazing how wonderful our lives can be when we look for the good not only in our own life but in the world around us.

May this fall season renew your body and soul!

In One Spirit,

Upcoming Events
We have many wonderful events happening at Unity of Savannah this fall.

We have new classes such as “Metaphysical I” which will be held on Saturdays in October. Metaphysics is the basis of Unity so this is a wonderful class for people new to Unity and a refresher for those who have been here awhile.

We are also having a mid week service on Thursdays at noon. It will be a half hour prayer service in which we will connect to the prayer service held every Thursday at Silent Unity at Unity’s headquarters.

On Sundays after the service, Rev. Arlene will be having Conversations with the Minister. This will be an informal opportunity to meet with Arlene after the service and ask any questions about Unity, the service, or other spiritual matters. It is also a wonderful time to get to know Arlene and to meet new friends.

Dale Worley is returning on Sunday, September 27th to not only do the music but to give the talk and on Sunday, October 25th, Rev. Carole O’Connell returns to Unity of Savannah. If you have never heard Carole, you do not want to miss it. She is a dynamic and inspiring speaker.

Remember to check our website on a regular basis to see what other new classes and activities are coming to Unity of Savannah!

Saturday Morning Magic
with the Outreach Team

by Sandy Clendenen

Each Saturday morning some of us from church gather at Espresso Gallery: men and women and even a child or two on occasion. We adults have a strong purpose in mind while the children just want to look around and enjoy all the attention they get. We gather, you see, to extend offerings of comfort and goodness to the beautiful people who are considered “homeless”.

Many park benches in the downtown Savannah Squares are populated by an ever shifting tide of human beings who, for whatever reason, have this as their living room. Young, old, black, white, female and male, they collect to support one another in whatever way is needed. Some have personal health issues to deal with in addition to the lack of residency. Residency as we know it. In the time I’ve been going to stand in the presence of these sweet Souls I have never heard a foul word, unkind comment or negative remark of any kind from anyone. Their attitude is one of levity and loyalty to one another. They protect and look after their bench mates. At one time a strong voice asked if he could lead us in prayer and he did. A prayer packed full of sincere appreciation and content for the many blessings in his life. All petty annoyances I might grumble about seemed to disappear prior to his resounding “Amen!”.

Those of us who volunteer to make this weekly walk, do nothing but make contact with those who might want or need our offerings. A toothbrush and toothpaste, pair of socks, underwear and deodorant. We may have candy, or soft fruit laced granola bars. We always have a wheeled cooler filled with refreshing bottles of ice water. Never do we impose on the privacy nor dignity of any individual and make them aware that our gift is theirs only if they want it. Most do… some don’t. Never is there an attempt to judge nor recruit these lovely people to our church door or mind set. Once, after giving a particularly large group a bunch of “stuff” one of the men came running after us. He and his buddies wanted to know who the heck we were and what did we really want? We assured the inquirer that we just wanted them to be refreshed and filled… that was all. The man was totally puzzled over our lack of recruitment or requirement that they come to a particular church or behave in a particular manner.

On this last trip I was offered the ultimate honor from one of the regular park side residents. A lovely young woman so damaged she can hardly speak. Her eyes cannot bear the pain of looking directly into another set of eyes. With hands shaking her whole body twists half way on the bench one leg on the ground and one tucked up on the bench. A position of safety she needs to move into the world that is so horribly frightening to her. I started out just leaving a thing or two next to her. My offering made without comment. Each week I repeated the ritual until recently she lifted her sad eyes from that far away place and directed them straight on into my line of vision. This past week she said to me, ” I like you. I like it when you come sit with me.” As I write that I’m alive with chill bumps and tears spill over and out my eyes. That comment is worth a million dollars to me and I thank God she let me in. I must never do anything to violate her trust.

Many other experiences emerge as we wander the courtyards in search of thirsty souls to comfort. Some are funny and some are sad. Each is a gift that we get more from than anyone could ever imagine.

I do hope anyone of you who would like to make a donation to the Outreach Fund will do so. We have some small change and each of us spends our own money when needed. With that said, if there is anyone who wants to donate to the cause, please feel free to extend as much as possible. The reward far outweighs the expense as these men and women are surely kind and funny and full of mischief and magic under some pretty ugly conditions. The little we do may make a softer spot in their lives, even if only for a few minutes.

Financial Overview

Year-to-Date as of July, 2009
Y.T.D.Tithes & Offerings:           $98,260.31
Y.T.D. SURPLUS:                       $ 3,080.76

The inexhaustible resource of Spirit is equal to every demand. There is no reality in lack; abundance is here and now manifest.

– Charles Fillmore
Marshall Horton, Treasurer

Unity of Savannah
2320 Sunset Blvd.
Savannah, GA 31404
PHONE: 912-355-4704

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Dale Worley
September 27th

Please arrive a little early – we expect
a full house!!

New Items in the Book/Gift Shop

In September our Bookstore is stocking up on jewelry made from semi-precious stones. Come in and tell us which earrings you like the best and what kind of necklaces you’d like to have brought in for your Christmas shopping. We want to start carrying bracelets and necklaces just for Kids too! It’s never too early to think ahead! Come on in and share your thoughts.

We are all energy beings and stones are no exception. It is said each type of semi-precious stone brings special healing through its vibration and the type energy it holds. Each stone may vibrate to a number associated with a specific chakra, bring energy that boosts a different part of your body, or help move your soul along its path in a particular way. At the very least, these gifts from Mother Earth are a feast for our eyes!

Come check out our new additions and make suggestions for more items you’d like to see us carry.

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Unity.FM is an online radio ministry bringing the message of Unity to tens of thousands of spiritual seekers around the world.

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