Center for Spiritual Awakening

Life Celebrations

Special Ceremonies:

* Christenings: A beautiful, loving ceremony will recognize and celebrate your child’s spiritual nature and your commitment to be loving, nurturing parents.

* Holy Unions: We’ll joyously customize your wedding or commitment ceremony and perform it at any location. Rev. Dale Worley is honored to officiate at your wedding regardless of whether you are gay or straight. Our sanctuary at Unity is available to you, or Rev. Dale will marry you at the location of your choosing, such as the beach or downtown Savannah. Email to start planning your ceremony!

* Memorials/Funerals: When a loved one makes his or her transition, you may turn to Unity of Savannah for comfort and to perform this special ceremony.

* Silent Prayer Ministry: As you write your prayer request and place it in our Prayer Box, our Silent Prayer Team will pray with you…and then send your request on to Silent Unity to be held in prayer for 30 more days. All things are possible with God!

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  1. Please keep me in prayers please name Bonnie special prayer please pray for God to guide me to right church and right Christian man for my life turns into Christian husband and Prayer partner and friend for my life prayers for my financial problems need blessing in my financial problems prayers for God to guide me and show me and help me and lead me were to move and live because were i live has become drugs and people being rude and disrespectful prayers for my grown son Kris for his eye disease and bipolar disorder and his depression and other issues prayers for Kris dreams to come true for his music he writes Christian songs wants to be part of band and sang play guitar and sing and have friends and meet Christain lady for Kris life prayers for Kris to be healed prayers for my grown son Joshua special prayer please pray for my grown son Derek and his wife Missy salvation and respect me prayers for my grown daughter Maria health problems and her personal decision for her life prayers for my friend Libby God knows her issues prayers for my unsaved friends Michael Anothny and Eric and Harold and Jamie and Bobby and Dee and her family and Marsha and Billy and Alan and Russell salvation please keep us all in prayers please name Bonnie

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