Marinna Siri – Special Guest

Posted by: on November 27, 2009

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday – December 5, 6, and 7.

Unity is pleased to present Marianna Siri.  “Angel Whisperer” and Intuitive, Coach, Facilitator, Creator.

The title of her talk, during the 11:00 Sunday service, will be  “The Healing Art of Love” How to  use the art of the law, or resonance, to support major changes in your life.   Learn how to bring more aliveness to your world by living more fully in the vibration of Love. WEBSITE: For class information and private readings signup –

“Enhance Your Intuition” Class:

Sunday AFTERNOON – 1PM – (((NOTE: this is a time change))))

I will be sharing and supporting people to discover and experience their own unique intuitive abilities. I will also tune into a couple of Angels and share their messages.  This will be done for love donations.

Personal Angel Readings:

Saturday, December 5th and Monday, December 7th ( To schedule you can call me at 801-608-0016 or email me at . Times: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

In a personal Angel Reading I will connect with your angels, guides, masters, and ancestors and give you messages from beyond the veil. We can explore any part of your life that you would like to, asking questions and receiving guidance from your angels. Receive information that can support your forward movement into more aliveness and joy!

Cost: $40 half hour  / $80 one hour.


Marinna is best known for her loving presence and her powerful intuitive abilities in which she utilizes and playfully inspires others to rise to new heights of consciousness and aliveness. She beautifully invites them to come into a place of aligning with their divine pure nature, freeing them from inner turmoil and a struggling life.
She has studied and is certified in multiple areas some of which include Relationship & Life Coaching, Group Facilitation, Energy and Body Work, Breath Work and Prenatal Reprogramming.

As a facilitator, coach and body worker Marinna has facilitated Adult Classes, Children’s Classes, Taught at the Salt Lake County Prison, Worked with couples in Relationship Counseling, Intuitive Angel Readings, Taught classes on Enhancing your Intuition, Body / Energy work, One on one Life Coaching, and Reprogramming of the Prenatal and Birth Trauma Patterns.

With a deep connection and understanding of the trans-formative power of love, Marinna’s soul purpose is to bring as much joy and consciousness to the planet that she can with her loving presence and creative abilities. Marinna currently resides in the Great Salt Lake Valley and enjoys daily connection with her family and loved ones.


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