Mid Week Message from Rev. Arlene

Posted by: on December 8, 2010

How is your life?  Are you living a life that brings you joy – a life in which each day presents a new opportunity to live and live with gusto?  Or do you dread each day and the “problems” it presents?

If your life is not filled with all that you want it to be, maybe it is time to change your thinking.  Maybe it is time to think about what would make your life one that is filled with joy, love, peace, harmony and fun!  Today is the “first day of the rest of your life” and it is your choice how you spend it and the days after.

Life is a blessing and when we look at it from an attitude of gloom and doom we are only short changing ourselves by not being good receivers of this gift from God.

Begin today to change your life by changing your thoughts, actions and words.  One way to do that is to give more to life by seeing where you can be more of service to God and to others.

We know that the more we give, the more we receive.  As we give more to life, we get back more rewards than we can imagine.

So live your life with gusto, with enthusiasm, and with a giving heart then see what life will bring to you.

Quote of the Week:  “I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.”  Arthur Rubenstein

Affirmation of the Week: I give to life and I am blessed.

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