MOVIE – Sunday, April 3 – 12:30

Posted by: on March 30, 2011

Eating: A film by Michael Anderson
This provocative and direct film goes right to the heart of all the health problems plaguing Americans and the rest of the world, wherever plant based foods have been abandoned in favor of “modern tasty” diets. His well researched film provides information to help consumers make wise choices on what to buy and what to eat, how to loose weight and heal many chronic illnesses. Anderson’s film advances the cause for humane treatment of animals and promotes genuine health. Hospitals, doctors, nutritionists, and health clinics are using the film to motivate patients and teach them how to eat. The film encourages each of us to reconsider the way we eat! Anderson’s books and films have successfully helped many people drastically improve their health and quality of life.

Sunday, April 3 at 12:30pm – following the Sunday 11am service.

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