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To understand the Twelve Powers, you have to know that they are twelve expressions of the one Power, the Christ within each of us. The Twelve Powers are: love, faith, understanding, wisdom, imagination, zeal, strength, will, life, power, renunciation and order.

What is meant by “the Christ” is “the fully awakened human being.” … It is the state of consciousness within us that is completely one with God. Jesus, the man from Galilee, born in Bethlehem, realized his true spiritual nature and became the Christ … showing us the way for each of us to know our Christ nature and to fully realize it.

July / Understanding / Thomas / Gold

power_understandingThe disciple representing Understanding is Thomas. The co-coordinating color is gold, and the physical location for this power is the front of the brain just above the eyes. This area of the brain is generally considered to be the center of the conscious mind.

Affirmation: “God stands under all things and the perfect outworking is being revealed to me now.”

Thomas represents two levels of Understanding.   The first level is intellectual Understanding. It looks through the five senses and comes to you through those five senses. It’s the Understanding you gain from what you see, read, and learn from others. It’s from the outside, the material, intellectual world, and is basically materialistic.

The power of Understanding is the ability to comprehend. At the deeper level, it is based upon an inner, spiritual Understanding. Once you realize that materialistic Understanding does not bring any peace of mind or true satisfaction, you begin to seek the One who can help you. You are finally open to the Christ presence which indwells you. Through this inner Christ, you have a spiritual awakening, and you begin to draw true, spiritual Understanding from your inner Christ.

Understanding includes knowledge, wisdom, awareness, which is consciousness, perception, intelligence, logic. Spiritual Understanding is an awakening, touching the inner Christ.

The truth that stands under all changing facts and circumstances is God. There is only one presence and power in the universe, God, the Good omnipotent, and It stands under all things. To know this is to have spiritual Understanding.

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