Center for Spiritual Awakening

At Unity of Savannah, we study and practice five basic spiritual principles which serve as the foundation for our teachings.

  1. There is only One Power, One Presence, active and at work in our lives and in the Universe: GOD, the ALL, GOOD. GOD is Omniscience (all Wisdom), Omnipotence (all Power) and Omnipresence (everywhere present, all the time).
  2. We are all individualized expressions of GOD. Unity uses the term “The Christ” to describe this unique manifestation of GOD expressing as each one of us. Because we are made in the image and likeness of GOD, we are also inherently GOOD.
  3. We create our experience of reality by the dominant thoughts and feelings we hold.  This is called the Law of Mind Action, which can be stated as “thoughts held in mind with feeling produce after their kind”, or simply “thought plus feeling equals outcome”.
  4. Affirmative prayer and meditation are two of the tools we use to stay centered in God and realize our Oneness with ALL.
  5. Knowing and understanding the Laws of Life, also called Truth, are not enough. We must live the Truth we know.


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