Rev. Scott Sherman

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Sacred Healing Meditation

An Experience of Divine Love with

Rev. Scott Sherman

“A profound experience of Divine Love” Using touch or near touch, in a dynamic spiral, healing occurs. This process is based upon the work of Dr. Brugh Joy and Dr. Richard Moss, MDs with whom Scott has worked for over 25 years. Additionally, Scott has incorporated positive, imperative meditative statements into the process to further facilitate healing and an expanded sense of well being. He has shared this powerful process with nearly 6,000 men, women and children in the last six years. Here are a few comments from participants:

  • I don’t remember ever feeling this good in my life!”
  • “Scott, you are a miracle worker. I haven’t had a migraine since you did your “healing” on me. God thanks you and so do I.”
  • “Within three weeks of my mother’s Sacred Meditation, she was over her three years of clinical depression. Her doctor took her off all medication a few weeks after that. I consider it a miracle.”
  • “WOW!!! with four exclamation points!”

Sacred Meditation Seminar & Demonstration Sunday – June 21- immediately after a light lunch or snack 1:00 – 2:30pm (By love offering)

Individual Session with Rev. Scott (40 minutes)

  • Sunday afternoon 2:40- 7 pm (Suggested love offering of $60, but no one turned away)
  • Monday, all day 9:20 – 6pm

Sacred Meditation Training 1 & 2 Learn to bless your family, friends and clients

  • Phase 1: Monday evening 6:00pm – 8:00pm Includes hands-on Sacred Meditation experiences, instructional CD + materials prepared exclusively for this program. Cost: $60 Limit: 24 participants
  • Phase 2: Monday evening 8:00pm-10:00pm Designed for professionals, active healing leaders and enthusiastic lay persons. This advanced training immediately follows Phase I (required) and is available for certification, possible CEU credit, and privileges of continuing inclusion in the Sacred Meditation family of healers, plus discounts on all materials. Additional $95 includes: Certification, CDs & advanced instructional materials
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