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Serve up some love and a smile!

This is a wonderful opportunity to serve our community.  You will feel ever blessed with your gift of service to others in great need.

Unity is teamed up with Cokesbury Methodist to provide food and shelter for homeless mothers and their children through the wonderful organization, Interfaith Hospitality.  Cokesbury , located at the corner of DeRenne and Skidaway, is providing the facility for these people to spend the night for a week. They spend the days at the Interfaith Hospitality Day Center where they receive counseling and job search help etc.  We are scheduled for Thursday August 12 – Saturday August 15. We need volunteers from Unity to pitch in with various duties.

We will be providing dinner and hosts to stay with them from 6:30 – 8:30 and others to sleep over with them. We’ll find out how many guests and if there are any dietary restrictions the week before.

For dinner volunteers, there is a kitchen, so you can bring food to cook or warm up there at 5:30 to serve at 6:00. You need to bring food only, as there are beverages already there.

Dinner Preparers and Evening Hosts can eat dinner with the guests if they wish. Evening hosts must let the dinner preparers know in advance if they plan to eat dinner with the guests, so the preparers know how much food is needed.  It is a nice experience to all share the meal and then play cards or board games after the meal. Evening Hosts leave when the Sleepover Hosts arrive at 8:30.

Sleepover hosts share a room with 2 cots, so please sign up as a couple or with a friend. Sleepover hosts bring their own sheets, blanket and pillow and need to be there at 8:30 p.m. and stay until 7:30 a.m. when the bus arrives for the guests. Sleepover hosts offer to wake up guests at 6:00. There is breakfast food already there. Sleepover hosts make coffee and serve breakfast. A van arrives to take them to the Day Center at 7:30.

Please contact Marguerite Berrigan at 912-247-6484 or if you would be available to help out. You can specify which dates and which activities: dinner prep, evening host or sleepover.


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