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WHAT’s HAPPENING – August 2014


at Unity of Savannah in August 2014

DAVID FRIEDMAN – August 3rd, BOTH SERVICES and WORKSHOP at 1pm David Friedman will be speaking at both services.  He is a well-known conductor/vocal arranger on Broadway and in many classic Disney animated movies, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Pocahontas, to name a few.  David’s songs have been recorded by Diana Ross, Barry Manilow, Petual Clark and many more well-known artists.  After the second service, from 1 – 3, he will be teaching a workshop titled “Thought Exchange: Overcoming Our Resistance to Living a Sensational Life”.    Join us to learn this life-changing, metaphysical technology.  Workshop admission is $20 per person.  LINK to more info:

August 10 – September 7 – 1-3pm – after second service!  Ms Evelyn Wilson, Licensed Unity Teacher, is teaching a workshop on Emily Cady’s book by the same name.  Classes will be from 1 to 3 after the second service.  You will thoroughly enjoy this time with one of our Unity treasures, Ms. Evelyn.  Sign up in the lobby.  Book is available in our bookstore.

MOVIE NIGHT!  “JOHN OF GOD” August 8, Friday- 7PM  Join us for movie night and enjoy this awe inspiring look at John of God, Brazilian healer.  The John of God crystal healing bed will be here August 21 – 25 for appointments.  Informational pamphlets are in the lobby.

RED WAGON AND HOMELESS MINISTRY MEETING August 10, after the second service.  If you are interested in participating with the Red Wagon Project and/or being of sacred service during the upcoming homeless dinner on November 8, be sure to attend.  If you are taking Ms. Evelyn’s workshop, bring lunch.

CLASS – “PROSPERITY PLUS” –August 28 – November 13, Thursdays 7 – 9PM  Marguerite Cuquet, Certified Dream Builder Coach, will be leading Mary Morrissey’s “Prosperity Plus” workshop.  Participants are expected to tithe 10% of their income during the program.  Join Marguerite and learn a new and prosperous way of living through this dynamic program.  Sign up and info is in the lobby.  There is also a fee for printed materials.

September 23 – 26.  “The Game of Life: How to Connect the Dots”.  Explore spiritual teachings, relax and center yourself amidst the mountain splendor and enjoy playtime with fellow seekers.  Registration forms and info are in the lobby.


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